bob vanderbob a.k.a. bobvan

Mr Generic Tries On The Masks Of God

This Artificial Mythology installation will be presented at We Art XL.

September 20-21-22
SEE U - Bloc H  1st floor
8 rue Fritz Toussaint - 1050 Brussels 

Accelerando - Excavation
These two new Artificial Mythology installations were showcased at the
KNUST festival in Brussels. 


Dreaming Hive
This new Artificial Mythology installation will premiere in 2019. It was
previewed at Le Plancher in Langonnet (France) in December 2017.
Three special Artificial Mythology performances were staged there,
in collaboration with mask-master Gaetan Simonot.
Encounter (The Lady and the Drone)
With dancer Emanuela Nelli and UFO pilot and scenographer
Thomas Delord.

(The Lady is now pregnant)
With vocalist and actor Margarida Guia.
The Oracle (What will we spawn?)
WIth Bob Vanderbob - poem by Margaret Atwood.
Mind's Eye

day and night

light and dark
the embrace of life and death
in the mind's eye

A new art installation and film project.
Winner online competitions
Best Shorts Competition - Award of Merit
Global Shorts - Special Mention
Official selection
International Short Film Festival Kolkata
Singapore Independent Film Festival
Brightside Tavern Film Festival - Jersey City (NJ)
Silver Screen for Short Films - Saint Petersburg (FL)
The Missing Brown Dwarfs
The Artificial Mythology solar system logo was used for the first time
for a scientific publication.
A study by Gabriel Bihain and Ralf-Dieter Scholz from the Leibniz
Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) challenges the previously
established picture of brown dwarfs in the solar neighbourhood.
The Astronaut's Poetic Handbook
This new Artificial Mythology project was introduced at the2016
MetaMorffestival in Trondheim (Norway)

The Hammer and the Feather - Painting by astronaut Alan Bean

How will we behave as we venture forth into the pristine,
silent reaches of the solar system?
Will we just take and pollute?
Or will our space-faring civilization bring fecundity, produce beauty?
Will we find the time to make art in space?

The Astronaut's Poetic Handbook invites us - the Children of the Solar
System - to inspire our astronauts with ideas of beautiful things to do out
Of Buddies, Offspring and Artificial Mythology
A short documentary film (16')

Official selection at the 2016 International Festival of Films on Art
(FIFA) in Montreal


'A stunningly beautiful video/art riff... gorgeously evocative and thought-provoking'
David Brin - science fiction writer
'Timely, sublime images'
Joseph Campbell Roundtable
Alain de Botton - philosopher
'Beautiful, eerie, fascinating'
Mary Doria Russell - writer
'A gorgeous film. Very beautiful, very smart and very poetic.'
David Christian - The Big History project
'Wise, whimsical... May this go viral, it is so necessary.'
Kyane Howland - musician